A coastal designed home with living to the front and side of the block to utilize the north eastern aspect of the block.  Although western facing with a view of trees and the yard, we managed to open up the house with a corner stacker to bring the outdoors in to the north and east.

The master bedroom looks out to the green grass with a large floating concrete deck to rest and enjoy the afternoon sunset without the noise from the street.

A extra wide hallway ran through from the living area to connect both the fire pit at the rear and the pool at the front.  Large sliding doors in the living keep the breezes running right across the living area with high ceilings and open plan living giving this Sunshine Coast home a breezy feel.

Fitted out with high end cabinetry and appointed kitchen and master suite.

The client wanted a family home that would appeal to a large audience when he placed it on the market.  He has since sold and at a great profit.  We had the choice to renovate or detonate and we chose the later which was an easy decision giving the location of this house to beach and shops right in town in Coolum beach.  Coolum Beach house plans are Studio 4’s speciality, as well as renovation house plans.  I will give you the best outcome for your existing house or suggest when its time and more economical to start again as in this instance.  We retained some of the original slab in the garage and worked from there.